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What is a QR Code Remembrance?


A QR code is an array of black and white squares, like the one above, typically used for storing a location on the Internet, or other information for reading by the camera on a smartphone.

By discretely including a QR code on an order of service at a funeral, people can access a visual commemoration of the deceased. This could be a series of pictures, a video or a tribute by a family member but as you will see by delving further into this website, the possibilities are limitless.

The Order of Service QR


The QR code is usually printed discretely on the back page of the Order of Service. After the funeral itself – perhaps at the reception or wake – people can scan the code with their Smartphone and view a memorial to the deceased. The Order of Service is often taken away as a keepsake, enabling a person to access this memorial at any time in the future too.

The memorial can be any type of media such as a video or a series of pictures, or an audio file containing a favourite poem or a testimonial from a loved one – perhaps something that had been used in the ceremony itself, and can be fondly

re-lived at a later date.

Below there is more information on how this idea came about from the founder, and how this can be taken forward many years into the future for a long-lasting memorial.

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The origin of Quiet Reflections
Peter Hibbit

'In the last few days of December 2014 my beautiful mum died. She had been in a very bad way for four months after a severe stroke and this was not entirely unexpected. With the day of the funeral approaching, our family began to collect together some photographs that we thought friends and relatives would like to see at the wake.

About a year before this I had come across Quick Response (QR) codes and was looking into how they might be useful to me in my job as a video producer and editor. Frankly, I was struggling to find a relevant way to apply them and put this to one side.

And then it came to me. If I edited the photos together as slideshow and uploaded this to the Web, a QR code could be used to access this and the code could be printed on the Order of Service. If you click on my mum's Order of Service to the right here you will see an animated representation of how this works. 

All this came about in the two days before her funeral and as I look at it now, with my work hat on, I see that the photos were hastily put together. However, it doesn't matter. Every slide has a meaning to me and my family and brings back fond memories of mum.'

Click on the Order of Service below for demo
your tribute

The first step is to get in touch with Quiet Reflections. Click here to go to our contact page where you can call or send an email. We can then begin a discussion about the type of tribute you would like - images and/or video - or anything else that might be fitting. Also you may require us to come to you where we can scan your  images. If you already have all the digital files required, click on the upload button to the right to send them to us.


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